6. Defined parameters

Sheet Music about Lincoln, Emancipation and the Civil War [Project falls under the American Memory project at http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/scsmhtml/scsmhome.html]

American Song Lyrics


This is basically html text with minimal indexing by composer, lyricist, title, and keyword of the lyrics. I think that we can eliminate it from the report.

Digital Collections from the Performing Arts Data Service


Z39.50, Dublin Core, html with links to other projects.

The site index allows for minimal Dublin Core access (DC.subject, DC.title, DC.description) but otherwise the main pages serve as a gateway to more specific projects and seem to be html with links to other resources. If the Dublin Core metadata is embedded in the files, it isn't obvious how to view it. In some ways this is a bit like the American Memory project, but doesn't seem to have extensive search/retrieval within the site itself. If we want to examine this site, we should probably look at each of the links rather than the PADS site itself.


Duke University Sheet Music Index



The Sheet Music Index is a TeXis database/index of sheet music at Duke University. Although not tagged like MARC, the indexing provides similar capability.

Musica International Database of choral music



MUSICA is a choral documentary search tool as well as a pedagogic tool. It was developed by the International Federation of Choral Music (IFCM) and the Centre d'Art Polyphonique d'Alsace (CAPA). Music is submitted by many different organizations and individuals. Indexing is text based, including 80 parameters, multilingual thesaurus, 77,363 records as of Dec. 19, 2000.

Music Libraries Online


Functionally, a database with MARC fields mapped to Z39.50 attributes

A virtual union catalogue for music materials of all kinds in British libraries, through a Z39.50 gateway testing of inter-operability issues arising from a diversity of systems development of an appropriate model for interface design.

Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (DIAMM)



The administrative metadata is primarily concerned with the creation of the digital record and doesn't provide access to the content (musical or otherwise) of the original manuscript. It does give the owning agency and manuscript number. DIAMM is part of the PADS resource (see below)

The Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music aims to digitize and enhance images of fragmentary British manuscripts of medieval polyphonic music, a rich and neglected repertory that survives mainly in fragmentary and often barely legible sources. It is the intention of the project to create a new permanent electronic archive of these images for their long-term storage, both to facilitate wider study of this music and its sources and as a security measure to assure their permanent preservation.

Choral Public Domain Library


This wasn't part of "Defined parameters" but I thought it worth including, since it was part of our original list, and I didn't see that anyone else described it.

Database, PDF files, midi files

The primary purpose of the Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL) is to create a repository of editions of music in the public domain and to make an archive that is fully editable, allowing for changes as scholarship/performing needs dictate. The files are available in Adobe Acrobat format but originate as other types of files (which they retain), including .ETF, .NIF, .PDF, MUP, MIDI, Finale, Noteworthy, ABC, Encore, Score, MusiXTex, and Sibelius.